@. Alhamdulillah. Elite Force will celebrate entry into the 25th year of it’s birth on the 11th of November 2023. Every year we make a ‘Writeup’ to narrate our ‘Journey of Success’ of the preceding years, this time of the last 24 years.
@. As such this write up with the title ” ENTRY INTO THE 25 TH YEARS OF SERVICE ON 11 TH NOVEMBER 2023” is presented to the esteemed readers. Though long & lengthy we expect this would be interesting to our honourable customers and our well wishers. This may also be interesting for the Security Industry professionals to know & appreciate the efforts & endeavours of Elite Force in achieving high marks in the private security sector of Bangladesh.
1. We are largest Private Security Company in the Country with a manpower of 22000 + personnel with presence in all the 64 Districts of Bangladesh. Started the maiden journey with only seven (7) guards.
2. We have the ‘State of the Art’ Infrastructures; Like 02 x Training Academies; One Recruitment Centre; Learning Centre. We have the only (Private) Dog Squad ( 50+) in the whole of this region
3. Our Corporate Headquarters, located in the immediate neighbourhood of Baridhara Diplomatic Zone was described by an American Colonel as the ‘Mini Pentagon’ of Bangladesh. It has outstanding facilities like a very well managed functional Reception; Medical Centre; 03 x Dining Halls; 02 x Cook House; Large Store / Floor; A full floor for Garments meeting our requirement of tailoring; Event Management Cell; Technical Security Cell; 02 x Prayer Places; Security Centres; Library; Entertainment Centre (Pool Table). Covid Enclosures; 02+ VIP Suites & A very well decorated ’Roof Top Plaza’ to hold BBQ parties, Displays, Parade, Dances & shows by our Dog Squad.
4. We have two(2) large/ spacious Conference/ Board Rooms. Our CMC (Central Monitoring Cell) & 24 Service Centre , SMS Alert Service are fully digitalised and symbolises as the ‘Hallmark of Excellence’ in the Industry.
5. We have a full-fledged R & D Wing which publishes all kinds of reports related to private security services including ‘Country Security Situation Reports’ for many multinational clients, which are considered as very precious to them.
6. We have 04 x Emergency Response Units with stand by Reserves, Vehicles & Gunman Team. Can mobilise 300+ security personnel & 100 + Motor Cyclists ( Escort) at a very short notice of time. Establishing a sister company by the name the Elite Logistics has been a very wisdom like decision. The very VAST country wide operations of Elite Force is supported by the Elite Logistics , making things more effective & easy going.
7. Creation of such outstanding infrastructures & facilities, coupled with our sincere, honest and strong resolve to render ‘Best’ possible services to our clients – have earned us an array of some of the most known and branded companies in the world as our honourable customers like Google, Facebook, Meta, Amazon, Netflix, Siemens , Philipps, IKEA, Ever Care,Appolo, Icddrb Hospital, CNN, BBC, Price Water Coopers,Deloitte, and 100 of others.
8. We guard almost 60% percent banking (42 banks)assets in the country – signifies ‘Trust’ of the clients in Elite Force. Most of the foreign banks like, Standard Chartered, Citi Bank NA, Woori Bank, State Bank of India, Alfalah, Habib Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, Shamil Bank of Baharain, American Express, Societe General, Indosuez, ANZ bank were/are our clients. We are one of the largest Cash in Transit Operators in the country, safely carrying hundreds of crore of Takas in our cash carrying vehicles every day. We are presently providing more than 900 Gunman, mostly in the banks, guarding their vaults & for Cash in Transit Operations.
9. Broken the monopoly of Embassy guarding by a Foreign Security company in Bangladesh. Served over 25 + foreign Missions & Embassies & International organisations in Bangladesh. More recently we took over the guarding of the Japanese Embassy in Bangladesh. Also took over the Guarding of the Royal Saudi Embassy (Military Wing) & Kuwait Embassy three(3) months back. We are also serving UNDP, UNHCR & US Aid & many international companies in Bangladesh.
10. The latest acquisition of business happened through deployment of 200-guards at Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company (BIFPCL) – Rampal, Khulna. We took over guarding of the entire Nagad operations on 01 October,2023. Earlier we took over the Bkash operations through out the country.
11. The security of the world’s most known Visa Facilitation Services Organisation (VFS)in Bangladesh is taken care of by Elite Force. This also includes transiting of passports (Receive & Despatch) from Chittagong-Shylet everyday.
12. Most of the Power Plants in the country are our valuable clients. We have served/ serving most of the Top Mobile Telephone operators in the country like Grameen Phone, Telenor, Robi Axiata , Airtel , Bangalink , Motorola, Opo,Huawi, ZTE, Shoami some others.
13. It’s worth mentioning that we provide security cover to the all the examinations conducted by the British Council & the German Cultural Center(Gothe Institute) in Bangladesh.
14. Most of the big NGOs, local or international like, BRAC, Grameen Bank, Care International , World Vision, Concern World, Plan International are our service receivers.
15. We are the biggest securer of Event Management programs in Bangladesh be it in the Metropolis or outside.(Mega Concerts, Exhibitions/ Fairs, Shows, Sporting Events, AGMs, Seminars, Displays etc)
16. We are most diversified, versatile & unique security company in the Industry. We are known for ‘Out of the Box’ operations & have grown expertise in ‘Trouble Shooting’ and Conflict Resolutions between / amongst the parties. We have also grown expertise in containing ‘Work Place Disturbances’ One of our recent ‘Tagline’ to welcome clients facing security issues is to say “ No problem, Lets sit down & Discuss” !
17. Have capabilities to launch Sea / Riverine Patrol ; with weapons to fight pirates. We are extremely reliable in Escorting large convoys, carrying gold & other precious materials, documents through out the country.
@@@@ 20.
18. Grown expertise in handling foreign guests visiting Bangladesh ; Close Protection / Executive Protection Services (Bodyguard & Bouncer). Can arrange VIP Facilitation Services.
19. Our team of Investigators are doing an excellent job for number of Insurance companies(MetLife & others)settling their Death & Medical claims to their highest satisfaction. We are also in Brand Protection, Screenig, Verification Counterfeiting & Counter-Infringement assignments.
20. We are in remote area operations & acquired great & critical experience of guarding the 17 mils Long Belt Conveyor (LBC) bringing clinkers from the state of Meghalaya India and to the Lafarge Cement Factory located in Sunamganj districts of Bangladesh. We had our Dog Squad deployed to patrol the LBC.
21 . Over the years we have been assisting Rehabilitation Centers in transporting Drug Addicts & likes from their homes to the Rehab Centers. This is a very difficult and sensitive job but our boys have grown expertise in handling the the patients nicely.
22. @@@@@ Pay Parade: Our Vaults facilities located at the Corporate Headquarters are impregnable, certified by the competent authorities.
23. We are member of the prestigious American, French, Spanish & Japanese Chambers. Also a pioneer member of the Bangladesh Professional Security Services Providers Association (BPSSPA). We have also collaborations with some international security organisations like NYA International(UK), Kroll Asia & Crisis 24.
24. We have a very prestigious collaboration/ agreement with PNNL (Pacific Northwest Nuclear Laboratory- Affiliate of the Department of Energy USA) to restrict/prohibit the scope of unauthorised acquiring of radioactive material by the local/international terrorist organisation. This is a programme involving the Chittagong Medical College ( Radiology Department). This is supervised under a formal Agreement between the Atomic Energy Commission of Bangladesh & the PNNL.
25. We have a very prestigious & honourable Jt-Venture with a Japanese Company by the name ALSOK (4th largest in the world).
26. Have a huge CSR undertaking. We run Computer Learning School, English Learning Center, Feeding program for 150-200 street children everyday. Have substantial amount from Zakat & Donation fund to help destitutes. We regularly & monthly support large number of Orphanages , Schools, Madrasas, Individual persons & families to subsist their lives. We also support an Old Home & donated an Ambulance to them.
27. Our other CSR activities includes voluntary services to few mosques in Gulshan- Baridhara on Fridays, Cleaning of the neighbourhood, sponsoring of events/ financial assistance to programs by under privileged, disabled, disadvantaged people in the society.
28. In our ‘Welfare’ package for our personnels- we provide monitory assistance/ loans to them, offer stipends to the meritorious children of the guards. Our Insurance Package / coverage upto 5 lacs taka is distinctly double than any other security companies.
29. We have been always trying to have a Gender balance & create equal opportunities for the female folks of our country. In the process we have created job opportunities for 1500+ female guards in the company. We have special packages & incentives for them. We organise observance of International Women’s Day for them.
30. Ours is a Semi Military Management with affiliation, liaison, connections & collaboration maintained with all the Law Enforcement Agencies in the country. We can be relied upon by the clients to represent them in meetings, forums etc.
31. Having met & attained all the standards & being compliant, we have received our International ISO Certifications 12 years back.
32. A Noble Theme: We love our country & have developed a theme called ‘Bukey Bangladesh’. On symbolic days like Independence Day- 26th March ; Victory Day-16th December, International Language Day- 21st February, National Mourning Day- we remove the name tags from our guards’ uniform & replace it with the Flag of Bangladesh on their Chest. This is done in respect to the memories of the freedom fighters, language martyrs & the Father of the Nation. (Video Clip) We also organise Blood Donation & Milad Mehfil on these symbolic days of national significance.
33. For all these spectacular achievements-The net “Dividend” is – The unblemished appreciation & commendations received both in writing & verbal in respect of the company (Elite Force) from clients & visitors ( Mininters, Ex Mininters, MPs, Chairman, Foreign Ambassadors , High Commissioners, MDs, CEOs, Chiefs of Security of organisations) have been overwhelming & included words like – Unique, Awesome, Amazing, Unimaginable, Incredible, Outstanding & Unparalleled in the Industry.
Note – 1 :
Though it has been a narration of a fabulous and full of success stories – yet it is an one sided “Story Telling”. And it merits challenge by the esteemed readers. Well we stand open & transparent for any ‘Due Diligence’ for you to seek the real story of the successes of Elite Force.
Note – 2 :
All said and done – all good things ! Yet there is a ‘Severe Backside’ of the Private Security Services Sector of Bangladesh. The poor people with whom we work in this profession are extremely marginal people of our country and we do not pay them even poorly to subsist a life in these days of unbearable hardships. Is it not ‘Incredible’ to know that an uniformed security guard is paid as low as Tk. 6,000.00 +- by big financial institutions & telecom operator in the country. Any way we hope things will be okay one day in our country called the ‘Sonar Bangla’.
Conclusion :
To conclude, Alhamdulillah for everything. We seek your prayers for further upliftment & sustenance of our performances.

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