1. My three months (3) of ‘Odyssey’ to Australia is coming to end. Very soon I shall Inshallah return to ‘Sonar Bangla’. The present visit after 4 years to this land have put me into many new thoughts to compare my native land ‘Bangladesh’ with that of Australia.(Not at all a good comparison)
2. Good news: To my great delight today I could manage to induce / forge on a ‘Strategic’ Alliance with an Australian Company by the name ‘Strategic Connections Group’ to despatch skilled / semi skilled manpower from Bangladesh to Australia. There seems to be a tremendous opportunity here in this country for engineers & other skilled professionals. We have a population of almost nearing 200 Million people in Bangladesh, compared to a paltry 26 + – million only in a country Twenty (20) times bigger than ours in land size. So there lies opportunities here. AUSTRALIA: A calm & quiet country, hardly any social unrest or uncertainty. Very disciplined, sober & civilised !
3. I felt uncertain, sad and little awkward when I was shown a country appraisal/ presentation by Mr Raphael Cadars(An engineer by profession) the young energetic CEO on Bangladesh. He seemed to be well aware of the political disturbances & near turmoil conditions we are presently undergoing in our country. He knew all about our garment industry, low pay of the workers ( Not even an ‘Incredible’ US$ 120/00 equivalent after a full month). He gave me a very depressive information about Bangladesh, country position in the World Business Index ( Doing Business) placed at 168 in the serial.
4. Agitational, old style pre-liberation violent way of protests/ demonstrations are obsolete in the present Global Context – seems to be unknown & unfelt by the ‘Bengalies’ of Bangladesh living in the present era of unimaginable technological advancement. We really need good & wise Leadership to steer our, otherwise a beautiful piece of land from further falling into the abysmal of uncertainty.
5. Australia, like any other advance / modern / developed countries is also facing their usual challenges. Infact all challenges and solutions are sought/ aimed at the ‘Future’. Every year 100000 people are arriving in Australia from all over the world. So most thoughts are pinned / focused on creating new Infrastructures to cope with the future needs/ welfare of the people.
6. My conclusions & realisation- we should look around & learn the good things from others . Why not ?

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