1. This Guy named Mr. Dulal Mia is a Supervisor with civil background. He started as a simple guard in 2001. But dedicated and committed he had put in 22 years of service in Elite Force. He is around 65 years old from Bogra. I was not agreeing him to retire, but when he said he is physically unable to continue – with sadness I said OKAY.
2. I quickly organised a small Farewell for him. My self the Managing Director, Our Deputy Managing Director, Lt Col Jahangir Akhtar Chowdhury (Retd), Colonel Muhammad Ishaque Mian, psc (Retd), Director Special Affairs & Chief Coordinator, Lt Col Meherub Al Hassan, psc, Mphil, LLB (Retd), Director & Mr. Sharif Shaham Al Waffin, Director we all ‘Falled In’ to honour him and wished him the best for rest of his life.
3. I was wondering what have we done for this poor simple souls – actually the very marginal people of our Society. He is going home, with hardly anything – no big money etc.
4. The Guy was overwhelmed with heavy emotions seeing such “Outstanding’ presence of the highest Management of the Company. Why not ? Why should we not reciprocate – simple, docile and godforsaken guards have been our backbone, 22000 + – of them serving in the Elite Force, making us surely rich and pompous even in these days of economic hardships.
5. I have been waging a ‘War’ in the Security Industry for increase of wages for the guards – so far I have failed. Hope things will improve sometime in the future.
6. Before he left he said sir Ami Sara Jiban Apnar jonno dua korbo.
I replied please pray for everyone including our country.

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