1. Maj Yahya (Retd) was Adjutant PGR in the year between 1985 to 1987. Recently he visited us from the USA. He said “Sir you should have been the ‘Chief’ of Bangladesh Army at least for a tenure“ (My professional rivals would simply ‘Hate’ such accolades – Though irrelevant now)
2. Bloody crook as I am – Like everyone l “ধাধা Fied” Yahya with all the world’s Bullshit on /of/ about Elite Force. Parade after Parade , Guard of Honour, Circus, Dog এর খেলা, Visit to the ‘State of the Art Infrastructures, নাচ গান, খেলাধুলা, Michael Jackson, লাঠি খেলা, বল খেলা, ক্রিকেট খেলা, ভলি খেলা , Unarmed Combat, Labamba আর কত কি !
3. He asked me whether any Army Guy ever visited our establishments. I said 5 Chiefs, including Army Air & Navy Chief after retirement visited us and told that they have never seen anything like this in the hemisphere – so much of Sound & Fury. আসলে কি? এত কিছু কেন? Unimaginable and Unparallel (No exaggerations if you may compare Elite Force with any other Security Companies in the whole of this Region)
My Dear Sir,
Assalamu Alaikum.
If I try to explain my experience of my visit to Elite Force it’s a drop of 💧 water in an ocean I can express but every steps I was moving on made me thrilled excited animated stirred impassioned & moved as was coming across all the activities training learning dog squad performance 🎭 & most importantly all the activities are covered by high end tech supports!
A great sense of professionalism touchéd in every foot steps & It’s only possible by you as the President CEO & Managing Director of the company no one else can make even a corner of it!
It’s an amazing National Pride & incompatible Organization you established in this country by your intellect hardships & talents !!
Even I feel it’s a rare example of a Private Security System in the 🌎 World. Elite Force an Internationally recognized security company can be an example of any of the intercontinental set up 🔝 in the Security System nationally & globally.
Thank you very much Sir for your great love ❤️ & honor you displayed towards me as one of your beloved adjutant I will always cherish !!
My sincere prayers for you & your family for the best of your health & happiness. Ameen.
Keep me & my family in your prayers Sir.
Thanks & Best Regards
Major Kaiser Yahya
Note : 01 : Maj Yahya was a great Persuader. He made sure I get the permission for the first time for the officers of PGR to accompany the President in foreign trips / visits.
Note : 02 : He also ensured allotment of one Motor-Cycle (Delim) each to all the officers of PGR – 100 of these were Gifted to the President on a State visit to South Korea.
Note : 03 : We had a great team composed of Maj Gen Munir, Lt Gen Mahfuz, Col Azad, Maj Atiq, Col Shameem, Maj Saif,Brig Syed Khan, Brig Qamrul, Col Yahiya, Maj Haider, Maj Seyadat,Maj Neaz & ————-. We worked together to get the over all strength of PGR almost to double.

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