THE POWER OF “INITIATIVE” (100 % Authentic Story)

1. This word “Bloody Initiative” has been of utmost importance to us in the ‘Army Life’. Any one who has taken the ‘Right initiative’ succeeded in his/their career.
2. Yesterday, was a Test Case for us to demonstrate “Initiative”. We did not know that a প্রাণিসম্পদ সেবা সপ্তাহ ও প্রদর্শনী ২০২৪ was taking place in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. One day had already passed. The Honourable Prime Minister inaugurated the event.
3. Suddenly it came to our head / mind that our ‘Doggies’ of the Dog Squad (Only of its kind in the private sector) must get a chance to display their ‘Awesome’ capabilities and ‘Showoff’ their skill in such a big national event. As such we contacted the organisers. They were little hesitant about permissions, authorisations etc.
4. When this news reached me. I just said to Maj Rustom the Dog Squad Chief, “Take the Dogs to the venue & simulate a mock “Hamla – Haider Attack” on the main gate of the Exhibition and see the result”.
5. The Mission was a ‘Super Success’. The Organisers were only happy to allow us seeing so many dogs at the gate. They rather welcomed and allowed our Squad and gave a chance to stage a Spectacular Show on the ‘Ramp’ made for display. The event was enjoyed by thousands of spectator and covered by number of TV channels to our great delight.
@ THE POWER OF “INITIATIVE” is supreme & invincible !
@ Fantastic- Fabulous performance by the Handlers – who all comes from the remote villages of Bangladesh.

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