1. I have served two tenures in the CHT. Though I was known as a “Chocolate Cream Soldier” yet I recollect traversing/ climbing steep hills, X- ing rivers with sweeping/ fast currents , wading through khals & charas, sleeping in jungles, withstood severe mosquito bites- intensively in the 4/5 years that I spent in the CHT in two tough locations namely Khagrachari & Bandarban.
2. Irrespective of hard life unknown to our country man, ( Though not like a Subaltern – once as a Commanding Officer & later as Brigade Commander with comparative relaxation ) I loved serving in the Hills – taking great pride in defending the sovereignty of the motherland.
3. I have a feeling that things are rapidly changing in ‘The Hills Tracts’ creating quite a bit of concerns. Our Army is well aware of the problems we faced in the Hills, we have had enough experiences and at one time with the Peace Treaty signed in the year 1997 we saw relatively peace in the area.
4. May be we have given a feeling to the Kuki – Chin miscreants that Bangladesh is in slumber. This must not happen. The Highest Military Command must show signs and symptoms to the miscreants that, with in no time they will face serious consequences if they do not stop the nuisances. In this regard the whole Operations must be taken over by the Armed Forces (Army + Air Force). BGB / Police / RAB have done an initial good job – but we must not depend on them to fight a Counter Insurgency War / Conflict. These “Joutho Bahini” type operations seems to be inadequate to create terror affect/ effects on the KNF.
5. We are interested to see some visible movement of the Armed Forces as a Deterrent / Warning to the miscreants – who visibility have created lot of tension as mentioned amongst the civilians.
6. Mr. Obaidul Quader the Honourable Secy Gen of the ruling party has given stern warnings to the miscreants – such warnings should also come from the CAS of Bangladesh Army – So that we are assured of the handling of the national security by the appropriate state apparatus.
Note: The Other Side: This Group is also amongst those 11 Ethnic tribal groups we have in the CHT- an integral & contiguous part of Bangladesh. They are historically an ‘Onogroshar Jati’. We have our responsibility & humanity to bring them to the mainstream by ‘Pacification Operations’- again Bangladesh Army has profound experiences in such operations. 6

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