1. We felt it was a great honour for us to have Mr. Allin Essar (Ex-Colonel) visiting us recently. He was exploring possibilities of seeking Security Services for European Union Delegation members during the ensuing General Election.
2. There were lot of fruitful discussion and he revealed that he had / would visit other Security Companies also. This was a good piece of information for us, as our experience has been very positive in getting selected for most of the contracts earlier, when such initiatives are taken by a customer.
3. We said Elite Force is presently the “Industry Leader” in the Private Security Services of Bangladesh. We are the largest Private Security Company in the country having created job opportunity for 22000 + rural youth in the country. Most of the Power Plants & all the Top Mobile Telephone operators are our valuable clients. We guard 65% banking assets in the country. We supply Gunman for CIT services to the banks and other financial institutions. Our clients are Industries, Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Office Blocks, Universities, Apartments/Houses, NGO, UN System and multitude of others. Added to these are 18 Embassies & missions where we served/ serving as security partners.
4. Our infrastructures have been described as Outstanding, Awesome, Unparalleled & Incredible in the security industry by visitors like Ministers, Ambassadors, Members of Parliament, CEOs of multinational companies & other high profile clients. Our Central Monitoring Center, 24 Hours Service Center, Emergency Response units & an Unique Dog Squad are Hallmarks of Excellence in the Private Security Sector of Bangladesh.
5. We hope we will be selected for such a sensitive assignment. Today news that Election may be held little earlier was a good news for us , as it enhances a chance to know “Who will be Selected’ for the job”.

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