1. Today, we had Maj Masud Quader of 17 BMA LC,coming to our company. I came to know him from the ‘Facebook’.
2. He left the job 15 years back and resides in UK with his family. Wife & two big boys, one of them is a Chemical Engineer.
3. He said he was very fond of Elite Force and also fond of my activities in the Facebook. He was on a 14 days leave from his bank, getting leave is a difficult job he said, but the good bank would like to extract 100% out of them.
5. He has come to pray at his mother’s grave in Shariatpur who expired a few months back . He said he used pay his entire amount of the Pension to his mother. But the mother made a wish to his son, before her death.
She said “My son give your pension amount to an old home after my death”
6. Maj Masud told me in the Quiet, “Sir I want to give 50% of the amount to the old home partially maintained by Elite Force at Kapasia & another 50% may be some where else”
7. We thanked Maj Masud profusely. We could only reciprocate by giving him a ‘Bugle Salute’ by a half collected contingent of the Elite Force Auxiliary Staffs – as most of the combatants have already gone on Eid leave.


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