1. Yesterday, 31st May 2023, Deputy Managing Director Elite Force Lieutenant Colonel Jahangir Akhtar Chowdhury (Retd) and his Training Team hosted the ‘SESAME WORKSHOP’, a concern of USAID in a Day Long Training Programme on ‘Security Awareness’.
2. The Team of SESAME Trainees included 30 valuable members. Sesame Workshop (SW), originally known as the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW), is an American nonprofit organization that has been responsible for the production of several educational children’s programs – including its first and est-known, Sesame Street – that have been televised internationally.
3. Television producer Joan Ganz Cooney and foundation executive Lloyd Morrisett developed the idea to form an organization to produce Sesame Street, a television series which would help children, especially those from low-income families, prepare for school.
4. The Training Curriculum included General Security Awareness, Understanding of Basic Security & Risk Management, General, Criminal & Terrorist Threats, Fire Safety & Fire Dill including Demonstration of Fire Fighting Equipment, Emergency Evacuation including a Practical Exercise, Training on First Aid, Safety & Security Measures during walk around, Outreach Activities, Workshops & Public Events etc. The trainees enjoyed the training curriculum and had lively participation in discussions and practical events.
5. Both Trainers and the Trainees enjoyed the Tea Sessions in the Morning and Evening. It will be worth mentioning that all concerned enjoyed a very delicious ‘LUNCH’. I joined the sessions for a while & made a short speech, expressing our gratitude to the participants for their choice of Elite Force for such training. It naturally enhanced our image as the ‘Industry Leader’ in the Private Security Services Sector of Bangladesh. We look forward to such ‘Training Glories’ in the days to come.

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