1. I am in a very good mood today. Been to Gazipur to spend a day in Kapasia in our semi finished Resort. Being a native of Gazipur District, I thought, I have reasons to feel proud that ‘WE CAN DO IT’ – as a Nation to achieve loftiest of goals !
2. The successful completion of the Mayoral Election marked as a ‘Testimony’ of Everyones good “Intent” – The Government, The Election Commission – The Opposition (Not Disturbing the Process) – The Law Enforcement Agencies deploying 13000 strong forces as vigilante ! The people were also instrumental in achieving the laurels-hope the participation will also become as usual over 70% + in the future elections.
3. We must take a Strong, Sincere & Honest resolve to conduct all the future Elections in the same manner. We do not then have to bother about all these ‘Sanctions’ imposed on us – which are definitely Indignified and Dishonourable as a nation
4. “The Bottom Line” – Bangladesh is a very Beautiful county, with people who are one of the most resilient in the world. Some of our poor people are still struggling.(As evident from some of the Images,I had captured recently while returning from Mosque in Gulshan-2 after Fazr prayers.Well one can argue that such pictures are also seen in the down town of Newyork also). I suggest Police vehicles, patrolling the main avenues can relocate them in the inner roads to avoid the eyes of the foreigners living across the road in the Westin hotel) But my todays message is “We can do it” It is Time we get ‘United’ as a Nation to deliver the very best.
5. Historically, Gazipur acted as the “ S P A R K “ to the Armed struggle during the Great Liberation War. As such I am proud to be a ‘Gazipurian.

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