We are bloody lucky to have so many officers working in Elite Force. Full of full Colonels, Brigadiers, Half Colonels, half dozen assorted Majors; Captains; Lieutenants; BMA Cadets; Subedar Majors – Presently MWO’s and many other ranks.

So when ever there is a Query / Survey to be done at client’s request we send a big vehicle with full load of people to do some kind of very deliberate movements & activities to ‘Genuinely’ impress the potential Service Receiver of our strength and capabilities.

But our rates are very high these days. We are quoting more than Tk. 25,000.00 for a 08 hours shift for Premium Quality Guard. So we are mostly loosing the business to other security companies who are sometime quoting as low as Tk. 10,000.00 for a 12 hours shift.
I have been a big critique of the ‘Service Charges’ paid even by the ‘Giants’ Sectors – I am Tired of fighting them day & night.
Thanks to 100 over multinational companies who are our clients & little better pay masters. We are surviving somehow by their active cooperation & understanding.
Photograph shows Lt Col Meherub Al Hassan, psc, Mphil, LLB (Retd), Director, Captain Sarwar Akbar (Retd), Asst. Director and Senior General Manager Asif visiting a newly established School name, Glenrich International at Madani Road, Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka for survey of the site. No one can really match Elite Force in forming such high level team in the industry.

@ 10% Exaggerated


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