1. It seemed the ‘Elite Force’ Dog Squad is quite well known by now. Indeed in the Private Security Sector of Bangladesh there are no parallels to what we have established – in serving special / particular requirement of the clients. But a visit to the Dog Squad of RAB recently gave me some invaluable insights, experiences & exposures. I felt there are lot of things to learn in attaining highest possible / level of professionalism.
2. I was invited to visit their large facilities in the neighborhood of Mirpur area recently. Our interest was on Sniffing, Searching & Detection. Major Amdadul Haque, MS, Deputy Director RAB DOG SQUAD a RVFC officer seconded to the RAB was very sincere and honest to share many good things about their well established Squad. He allowed me to photograph the sample of Yaba, Marijuana, Narcotics, Explosives etc and also shared with me the contact addresses of the suppliers. He showed me around all the places of the Squad i.e. Kennels, Class Rooms, Training Ground / Aids etc.
3. I liked his inspirational words when he said “Sir – we are proud of Elite Force. You are also contributing a lot in the private sector, may be the only one of its kind in the country”. It was indeed a great visit. The members of the Squad, mostly drawn from the Police force were also very cordial.

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