1. We are honoured to have received your queries on the Executive Protection Services, which is also termed as Close Protection Services. You may be aware that Elite Force is the largest Private Security Company in the Country. It is also our pride to share with you that, we are presently acclaimed as the ‘Industry Leader’ in the Private Security Services of Bangladesh. Beside employing 22000 guarding forces, we have grown expertise in the Executive Protection / Close Protection Services / Operations. It is worth for you to note that our clients in the Executive / Close Protection services exclusively includes giants like Goggle, Meta, Facebook, Netflix, IKEA, BRAC, Peregrine Risk Management, PWC, Foreign Banks, Telenor, Pinkerton, Crisis-24, Bkash & many others in Bangladesh. And this operations have become very frequent these days taking place almost daily / weekly, particularly after Covid-19.
2. Beside guarding how we have turned & reoriented ourselves heavily to “Protective & Emergency Services” has a brief history / background to the Horrific Day i.e. on 16th July 2016, otherwise known as the Holey Artisan Attack, when 17 foreigners were killed in a High end café in Gulshan diplomatic area in Dhaka. Immediately a day after, we evacuated a group of 21 male & female US volunteers out of the country in 24 hours’ time, with the support of our Emergency Support Services units. Four (4) of these are working now.
3. Over the years we have diversified our services into many avenues – the main being Executive Protection: Escorting Services both in land & in the High Seas; Emergency Response Services; Contain work place Disturbances; Remote Area Operations; Evacuation Services; Conflict Resolution and Pacification Services. One of our present tagline is to say “No Problem” to any client coming /seeking security solutions to us on any critical issues etc.
4. Indeed ‘Escorting Coupled with Protection’ has been a very sensitive & challenging task, particularly in our context, where Robbery, Hijacking, Dacoity & Stealing of Garments / goods had been taking place both in the land & in the river routes. Our experiences were unique & exciting as we even got involved in fighting the Pirates, both in the river & in the high seas.
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